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Mitsubishi has supplied over 1741 large electric generators for land-based power generation applications with a total capacity exceeding 217,205 MVA.

Mitsubishi Electric Company (MELCO) is responsible for electric generator design and manufacture among the Mitsubishi companies.  At its Kobe, Japan headquarters the MELCO electric generator business has generator design, development, manufacturing and testing capabilities that are the equal of any such capabilities anywhere in the World.

Mitsubishi's electric generator experience includes the full range of stator and rotor cooling configurations - OAC, TEWAC,  indirect air-cooling, direct air-cooling, indirect hydrogen-cooling, direct hydrogen inner cooling, direct water-cooling.

MELCO US-based electric generator resources for generator service, generator repair and generator maintenance are co-located with the Mitsubishi turbine service resources at the Mitsubishi Power Systems Orlando Service Center.

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At Mitsubishi we understand the integrated nature of a turbine and generator system and provide the integrated service that the system deserves.  Click below to learn more about how Mitsubishi can help you get the most out of your turbine and generator system:

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