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Mitsubishi provides power plant service and maintenance for a complete range of electric power generating plants

Mitsubishi has broader experience in total power plant design, power plant equipment manufacturing and power plant construction than any company still in existence in the world today.  This gives us unmatched capabilities to help you service your power generating plant.

We have the resources in place in North America to undertake many types of major power plant maintenance and power generation service projects.  These resources are now available to support your power generating plant maintenance outages and upgrades - large or small.

Summaries of Recent Service Projects in North America

Preserve. Protect. Prevent. Prolong.

Those are the four prime missions of a truly proactive power generation service program: Preserve the as-designed performance, reliability and efficiency of the power plant. Protect the power plant equipment from avoidable in-service damage and wear. Prevent unnecessary outage events. And prolong the effective operating life of the power plant.

Click the link at the left for the type of power generation plant or product that you need to service to find out more about our experience and capabilities for that type of power plant.  For each type of plant, there are specific contacts listed for your service needs.  In all cases you can also contact the main number for the Power Generation Service business unit at our Orlando Service Center on (407) 688-6800 for assistance or contact us using the Feedback form linked from the bottom of each page of this Web Site.

If you are a User of a Mitsubishi turbine, click on the Users' link below and at the bottom of any page to go directly to the detailed service and support information contained in the User-Only pages.

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